Who is HCS?

Harrisonville Christian School is located at 1606 Chapel Drive in Harrisonville, MO.

HCS is committed to providing an excellent academic education and integrating biblical principles into all areas of the curriculum. The search for quality Christian curriculum is an ongoing process. We continually strive to find curriculum that is Bible-based and Christ-centered and is acceptable for all Christian denominations.

It is the goal of HCS to develop the integrity, morals, and Christian values of young people and help them grow in the relationship with Jesus Christ. The excellent academic program is designed to fully meet the needs of students as they pursue their education.

The school is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). We hold true to the highest standard of education expected by the ACSI. Harrisonville Christian School is a non-profit organization supervised and managed by a school board.

Mission Statement

Pursuing Christian Character and Excellence in Education!

Our Philosophy

The goals and objectives of Harrisonville Christian School are seen as an extension of the parent’s responsibility to educate children in light of who they are in relationship to God – in His image – body, soul, mind and spirit. Our focus is to help students to realize their ultimate purpose for existing, which is to glorify God, to live in fellowship with Him and with others, and to exercise stewardship over His creation. The goals of Harrisonville Christian School are based on the belief that the Holy Bible is the revealed Word of God to all people and is the definitive source of truth.