Serving the Community Since 1968.

The Harrisonville Community Church (HCC) founded the school in 1974. Mrs. Dorothy Hartzler was the founder of Kinder Kastle Nursery School in 1968 and HCS grew out of that ministry. The school seeks to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the community it serves by providing a quality Christian education. A major purpose of the school is to develop a biblical worldview in its students through its programs.

The school is owned and operated by the Harrisonville Community Church and is part of the many ministries of the church, but is not parochial in emphasis. It is fundamental in its belief in the Word of God, separated in its position from the standards and morals of the world. Students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin are admitted. Students from HCS come from approximately 40 different area churches, and less than one-third of our students attend HCC. Staff and faculty are qualified as Christian leaders of our students—academically, spiritually, and morally. Please visit www.hcc4Jesus.org to learn more!