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Grades K-8
A registration fee and activity fee is required at the time of enrollment. Tuition may be paid in one lump sum before the school year begins or divided into ten (10) equal payments. Payments begin in July, continue through April, and are due the 1st of each month. HCS does offer a multiple child discount and there are other incentives if tuition is paid-in-full before school begins and for referring new students to our school.

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Kinder Kastle Preschool
A registration fee and down payment are required at the time of enrollment. The balance may be paid before school begins in the fall or divided into 8 payments. Payments are due September 1 through April 1.

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Tuition Assistance Information

Tuition Assistance monies are funded through the HCS Foundation. In the last three years, the HCS Foundation has awarded over $192,000 to HCS to be used as tuition assistance to families who apply and qualify. To be considered a candidate for tuition assistance, a family must have at least one full-time K-8 student, timely payment of tuition is required, and students must remain in good academic and disciplinary standing. Parents apply for tuition assistance online through Confidential Financial Analysis (CFA) and a small processing fee is required. Link to the CFA website is and the school's CFA number is 06499.

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