Admission Requirements

  • Student must be completely potty trained
  • Student must be three (3) years of age by August 1
  • Immunization record must be current
  • A copy of the birth certificate must be submitted
  • Student must be five (5) years of age by August 1
  • Student will be required to commit at the beginning of each semester attendance to either half or all day classes
Grades 1 - 8
  • Student must be of suitable age for the grade assigned.

The Admissions Process

  • Complete and return Application for Enrollment, Request for Records Transfer form, and Immunization card.
  • Testing or previous year's test results (SAT's, Iowa Basics, or other standardized test).
  • Immunization record must be kept current & copy of a birth certificate must be submitted for new students.
  • The student must be of suitable age for the grade assigned. Children entering Kindergarten must be five years old by August 1st.
  • Parental interview with administration.

New Student Orientation

New students to H.C.S. will have an orientation period the first six weeks of their attendance. Evaluations will be made weekly by the teacher to the principal. Parents will immediately be informed if a problem arises, and will be asked to attend a conference with the teacher and principal to discuss a plan of action.

Parental Interview

The intent of the interview is to examine spiritual and academic areas and to establish a clear understanding of how the parents, student, and school work together in the training and learning process. It is essential that every family understands and clearly supports the school's purpose and mission, the Biblical standards of the school, and the code of conduct. For the student to be accepted and to remain with the school, the parents must demonstrate a commitment to uphold the school's standards before their child.

Parents of students who are not admitted for any reason, may appeal the decision by making a written request to the administrator who will take the request to the school board for disposition. Parents will be notified of the board's decision within three workdays.